Building Fire Protection System (2 & 3 Aug 2017)

Building Fire Protection System are explores the principle and practice of the assessment, evaluation and the provision of recommendations associated with fire safety. Participant will understand building regulations, fire dynamics, fire safety measures, human behavior and risk assessment, as well as developing knowledge of the design process adopted by the industry.



Module 1 : What is Fire?
Module 2 : Fire regulations and laws
Module 3 : Fire Detection Systems
Module 4 : Sprinkler Systems
Module 5 : Hose Reel & Wet Riser Systems
Module 6 : Gas Suppression Systems
Module 7 : Smoke Spill & Pressurization Systems


“We thank you for your participation in our training program. We look forward to seeing you next time, when we will put extra effort into making our next program even more useful and exciting”.



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